CrossFit Sudbury – 12052016

Hey Friends!

Good job on the jerks today!  Nice to see people taking the time to dial in technique, versus just pushing the limits on weight.  Technique work in the 70-90% range is where you want to be when training.

For anyone feeling the itch for more volume/work to do after the days programming (on any given day).  Try pushing the prowler 400m for time (men with a 45# on each upright, women 25# on each upright).  Doing it alone is fairly devastating, as a group of 2 or 3 would be fun and still challenging.  Watch out for prowler flu (AKA throwing up afterwards).

Today (Thursday) is the last Squat session before we re-test.  It’s a “volume” day, but will still likely be pretty heavy.  Maintain great form, and drive out of the whole like there’s a fire under your butt!

Also – the WOD has pistols in it, so prepare to say hello to your glutes 🙂