CrossFit Sudbury – 03052016

Hey Friends!

how did the Squats go?  Getting heavy?  We’ve only got a couple more weeks – then we’ll start to see how all the heavy squats are transitioning into improving overall strength for the olympic lifts.  Never hurts to be able to squat more! 🙂

You’ll notice a shortage of longer WODs over the next week or two (longest one is 15 minutes or so).  It’s on purpose – as we get heavier and heavier with the Squats, I want you guys to still be able to recover properly, and long WODs aren’t super conducive to recovery.

If you want to add in more volume, my suggestion is to do some endurance work (think longer, paced out runs/rows/airdyne rides, mixed in with ~20-40 reps (total) of one or two movements that will help your grip and/or your core strength.  Lower intensity, quality movements.  It’ll help.  Then if you miss it, come on the weekend when we have a longer WOD and get your sweat on!