CrossFit Sudbury – 14042016

Hey Friends!

Wow that was a difficult/fun WOD.  Thanks to Colin and Mel A for being my teammates and helping me to push that little extra that only a team WOD can do.  Also – that set of 12 back squats was a squat marathon!  I can’t even imagine doing sets of 20 (don’t worry, our biggest set is 12 during this cycle).

Awesome work everyone!  If you haven’t yet – get on the Train Heroic team for SSoF/CFSuds by clicking this link.  It’s a service we’re paying for to help deliver programming and track how you guys are progressing a little better 🙂  It’s an awesome tool and can be downloaded on iPhones or Android devices (or the newer black berries that run android).  If you input your maxes, and I program percentages, it’ll tell you how much weight to put on the bar even!  So get in there and try it out!  Let me know if you have any issues!

my how far the games have come… gotta miss the “good ol’ days” though haha