CrossFit Sudbury – 13042016

Hey Friends!

12 reps last for a little while, eh?  But now think about how ridiculously easy 5 reps will be!  Sneaky sneaky, right?  Not really, but it’ll help in the long run and it challenges your positioning while you’re doing those squats.  So get in there, rest between reps (with the bar still on your back) if needed and get those 12 reps! 🙂

So we’re going to use Train Heroic for our WOD tracking moving forward.  It acts almost the same as Zen planner on the front end, but the back end is a lot sexier for me (Adam) to program and gauge the results my programming is getting.  I believe it can be used on computer as well as through iphone and android apps.  Let me know if you have trouble.  I’ll be trying to set up the computer in the gym so that people can log their WODs on there too.  Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a good one!  Go here to download the iOS or Android app – (or check the app stores to get it as well)