CrossFit Sudbury – 03032016

Hey Friends!

Fish Game!  get it in ya!  It’s a fun way to warm up, AND it’s last week’s challenge (which we extended the deadline for).  Tomorrow, this weeks challenge will go up.  Don’t forget to do it!  You can’t win the prize if you don’t play!  AND everyone can play, so what do you have you lose?

Predictions for 16.2?  Handstand sit-ups and single arm, single leg squat snatches?  That’s probably it.  Stop on by if you want to hang out with some cool people during the unveiling!  bring a pop if you want to 🙂


Context – Mental Toughness

Warmy Warm Up
10 Ring rows, 10 Push up plus, 10 spiderman Lunges, 10 toes touches, Shoulder mobility if you need it.


Cover as much distance as possible in 20 Minutes:
Row, Run, and Airdyne as far as you can in 20 Minutes. Split them up as desired but you must:
Run at least 800m
Row at least 1000m
Air dyne at least 800m

Plan on rotating between movements multiple times. Many people find it beneficial to start with larger ‘sets’, then to decrease the distances as the rounds progress. Share the Trueform and plan out the WOD a bit with your classmates! 🙂


MOAR Mobility!
Stretch – Glutes, Quads (standing), Psoas (not on wall)
LaX Ball – Glutes (against wall), Rhomboids (between shoulder blade & spine)