CrossFit Sudbury – 26022016

Hey Friends!

Whoa!  16.1 announcement was pretty neat, AND Emily Abbott did awesome!  It DOES pose a bit of a space limitation situation in our gym (how are the small gyms going to do this WOD?) so, we might be able to run 3 people at a time with enough room to do 25′ straight of walking lunges, and maybe 3 more people with a turn around at 12.5′.  It’s 20 minutes long, so I’m not too worried about having to turn around, but if it matters to you, let it be known and we’ll make sure those folks get the “straightaway” lanes 🙂

It DOES look like a great WOD though – a long grinder!  Make sure those hips are supple and those shoulders and thoracic spine are well mobilized to be overhead with the barbell.  Don’t fail on the Chest to bar pull ups, and consider breaking them up early, but resting less.  Even fast singles on the chest to bars with a drop from the top will be fairly fast and time can be made up on the lunges and burpees.

The Open does tend to do a good job messing up programming and mentally defeating people on WODs leading up to it.  I’d suggest doing an easier effort on the workout the day before you do the Open WOD, or even consider taking a rest day before you go.  You should have a good idea how you best respond to a rest day versus a light day the day before.

Either way, it looks awesome and we’re going to have a blast doing it!  Come on out! 🙂


Clean Warm Up
2 Rounds:
10 dislocates + weighted dislocates
10 hops + 10 Tuck jumps
10 russian KB swings (snappy hips!)


Handstand Push Up

Spend 10 minutes finding your max strict HSPU depth for 3 reps (find the depth you can go and get 3 clean reps)

Lift the bar from the ground, to the front rack position (where the bar sits when you Front Squat).

This assumes you will pass through a squat (to catch the bar in a squat), though ask your coach if this is congruent with your goals or current placement in the progression.

1 X 1

Max out your Clean! If you aren’t feeling it today, save it for another day and we’ll max out then!


5 4 3 Row Intervals
For total time:
500m row
Rest 2 min
400m row
Rest 2 min
300m row
Scaling Guide: Men: 3:30 – 4:30, Ladies: 4:00 – 5:00. Log combined row times only, not the rests in this case.

Compare to November 27th, 2015

Go hard on the first round, but it isn’t the best idea to go all out. Aim for 90-95% intensity. Hit the 400m with all you got, then just try to hang on for the final 300m. Doing 2-3 short, fast pulls at the start of each interval will help get the flywheel back up to speed and can knock seconds off of each interval.

Two people can easily share a rower as long as they can do the 500m and the 400m in 1:30-1:50 min range (less than 2 minutes for the transition time to get on and off the rower). The potentially faster rower should go second.


Do a round of the Open WOD that was announced to feel it out.


Coolin’ Down
Stretch – Calves (straight leg and bent knee), Hamstrings, forearms
LaX Ball – Glutes, Rotator Cuff