CrossFit Sudbury – 12022016

Hey Friends!

Awesome day of cleans!  Man 3 reps is SO much harder than 2 reps (more than 50% harder, I swear!)  The deadlift/box jump WOD was fun, and a good reminder that some of these Open WODs are completely open to strategizing, and that it can make a big difference (like stepping up  versus jumping, dropping from the top of your deadlift, etc.)

Don’t forget – not this weekend but on the following week we’re having folks out for our Winter fun WOD day (I forgot what we actually called it).  Boom-Pow!


Snatch Warm Up
10 Dislocates + 10 weighted dislocates
10 Overhead squats
1-2 Minute Squat therapy
10 Tuck Jumps


Spend 10 minutes working up to a challenging hang power snatch + overhead squat. Plan on hitting that weight for 3 sets.


All Along The Watchtower
For time. 21-15-9
Hang power snatch (or hang to overhead – clean and jerks acceptable) (Performance: 115lb / Athletic: 75lb* / Health: 55lb)
Ring dip (Performance: 21-15-9 / Athletic: 12-9-6*, Health: 12-9-6 ring push up)
Wall Ball (Performance: 20lb / 10ft / Athletic: 14lb/9ft* / Health: 10lb / 8ft)*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)
Scaling Guide: 7 – 15 min, Scale Up: 135/85lbs, and 12-9-6 muscle ups

Be careful with the first round on this once since coming out too fast on it will guarantee making the later rounds much harder. This combination will be particularly hard on the shoulders if you don’t use your hips to get the bar overhead and on the wall ball. Avoid pressing the snatches. On the wall ball, utilize the ‘wrist flip’ technique and, if you can, try and not extend your arms overhead completely.


Stretch – Quads/Psoas, Calves, Pecs
Foam Roll – Calves, Hamstrings, T-spine