CrossFit Sudbury – 15012016

Hey Friends!

It’s a new day (a Friday, even) and I hope you feel like doing some heavy Jerks!

Registration for the Open has started, I haven’t gotten on there to register and create a team – but if you’re going to be signing up – let us know!  I think we might change up our format for the “intramurals” and maybe just go back to doing a big Saturday, as well as having people out to watch the announcements in the front on the TV.  Let me know if you have any great ideas for it and we’ll set something up!


2 Rounds:
10 dislocates + 10 weighted
10 ring rows + 10 push up plus
10 spiderman lunges
10 tuck jumps


Jerk (Power, Squat, Or Split)
Keeping an upright torso and TIGHT abs, dip straight down then drive the bar overhead while lifting your feet and driving yourself down into either a partial squat, whole squat, or a split (lunge) position. Stand the weight back up tall (bring your feet back together if necessary) and smile at your victory.

1 X 1

Spend 10 min working up to a challenging jerk out of the rack. The load should be at least 10% more than what you plan on using in the workout.


Mint Condition
4 rounds, as many wall ball reps as possible
In 3 minutes:
5 jerks (Performance: 165lbs, Athletic*: 105lbs, Health: 65lbs)
15 Dumbbell Snatches (45/35/20)
Then max wall balls with the remaining time (20/14/10)
Rest 1 minute.

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)
Scaling Guide: 80 – 140 reps. Scale up to 185/115 for the jerks and scale up the wall balls to 30lbs/10 foot and 20lb/10ft respectively if you scored (or know you will score) over 120 reps on this workout.

Coaching Tips: The jerks should be unbroken for at least the first round, and maybe the second. If you go unbroken all four rounds, you may not have scaled correctly. Break the wall balls up into short sets with short rest until the last round or two.It is also a good idea to scale up the jerk or wall ball weight if you get more than 70 reps your first two rounds! Doing more than 120-140 wall balls is NOT the goal of this workout (it will make you sore for days).


Calf And Shoulder Cool Down
Stretch – Calves, Hamstrings, Squat hold, Shoulders
Foam Roll/Stick – Calves, Quads
LaX Ball – Pecs