CrossFit Sudbury – 13012016

Hey Friends!

Todays WOD was a ridiculous grinder!  Good little mental test – how much can you grit it out and just do the work?  I might be speaking to myself on this one, but for anyone who consistently finished a WOD and thinks, “Darn it…. I should have done SO much better on this!” – I’ve been experiencing that disappointment for ~7 years now and am convinced that it’s simply the result of always wanting to be better.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a fair number of days where I feel like, “I really gave my all on that… I don’t know if I could have gone much faster/heavier/better”, and those are satisfying days.  My point is just that if you feel disappointed in your performance after a workout, you aren’t alone, you’re likely cooling down to X amount of people who also think they could have done better on the WOD.  If that isn’t true… well just come ask me, because I likely feel that way 🙂

We have the Whole Life Challenge coming up!  There’s still time to sign up, if you’d like.  If you’re signed up – contact me about filling in a “Health Risk Assessment” – It is going gauge your current and future health based on your habits (the only true indicator of health).  We’re going to do one before the challenge, and one after the challenge.  I’m also hoping to put on a little seminar series to really dig into all the stuff we touch on in the gym/clinic, but on hopefully a deeper level.  Stay tuned for more info on that!

Warning – There’s a few swears in the video – but it’s super motivating and really well produced.


Overhead Warm Up
2 Rounds:
10 dislocates + 10 weighted
10 ring rows + 10 push up plus
10 spiderman lunges
10 tuck jumps


Push Press
With a barbell in the front rack position, dip down, by flexing the knees and ankles, then violently extend both while propelling the barbell from your shoulders to an overhead position. The dip should be short and quick, keeping the weight in the heels and the torso as upright as possible.

1 X 2


Roadster Coupe
For time – Performance/Athletic*: 7 Rounds, Health: 6 Rounds
6 Power Cleans (Performance: 135lbs, Athletic*: 85lbs, Health: 55lbs)
3 Push Press (Same)
12 American Kettlebell Swings (Performance: 53lbs, Athletic*: 35lbs, Health: 26lbs)
36 Double Unders (Health: 50 Single Unders)*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)
Scaling Guide: 10 – 18 minutes. Scale up: 155/95, 70/53kb, 50 Double Unders

Coaching Tips: The short sets in this WOD means that you should try to get as many of these movements done ‘unbroken’ as possible. Try not waste time between movements (the transitions will add up over so many sets). Make sure you are taking time to get organized before doing the power cleans and kettlebell swings. Watch out for is hyper extending the lumbar during the push presses and the kettlebell swings. Keep that midline tight and under control when going overhead!


Cash Out – Open 15.5 Styles
3 Rounds:
10 Dumbbell Thrusters
10 Calorie Row


Calf And Shoulder Cool Down
Stretch – Calves, Hamstrings, Squat hold, Shoulders
Foam Roll/Stick – Calves, Quads
LaX Ball – Pecs