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Athlete Development – “Getting good at the CrossFit”

Hey Athletes!

So this cycle is going to be based on making you better at the CrossFit. Yes, I know that sounds a little silly, since, ultimately they should ALL make you better at CrossFit, and they do! However, this cycle is meant to help with pushing a little harder into some more “typical” CrossFit metcons or movement combinations. While in other cycles we’ve spent extra time getting strong, getting more confident in typically daunting positions (the bottom of the overhead squat, the support on the rings), or even focused specifically on the Oly of Powerlifting totals, this cycle is all about challenging you to excel at couplets, triplets, and other metcons classically associated with CrossFit. It’s going to be super fun, and a great way to take us into the end of August (so let’s not rush it!) It will also help a lot with upcoming competitions (in september), in the sault and at Element down south.

Our measures for retesting later on are going to be specifically the 3 rep, touch and go Clean, and Fight gone bad. CrossFit generally criticizes the specialist, and applauds the generalist (as does life), so instead of a good old fashioned 1 rep max clean, we want you to has the physical energy and explosiveness AND mental focus to perform 3 wicked cleans back to back without putting the bar down. The other great test is Fight gone bad – You can’t get much more “CrossFit” than fight gone bad… except maybe Fran… but Fran has too much bad mojo for people and I find often times the mental test of it is too great to allow the true physical skill to shine through. Fight gone bad is easy to coast through – but to truly excel, you need to be willing to gut out those extra couple reps in the dying seconds of a minute, and then not hesitate before starting the next movement so as not to waste any precious seconds. It’s a real beaut.  Note:  We sub out sumo deadlift high pull for hang power cleans as we find sumo deadlift high pull, while being great at moving a load a distance, is a little more dangerous when under fatigue.  So while I agree with Coach Glassman that you need to push the outer boundary of your comfort and find that line between technique and intensity, I want to ensure my members are still safe with a little degradation in technique – and I don’t think Sumo Deadlift high pulls are within acceptable limits for shoulder health.

We’re going to work in a couple “double WOD” days, where in place of a “strength” we’ll perform a mini WOD to help add in more skillful, heavy, or “accessory” movements. It’s nice for a change and it’ll help support our goals!

In the fall we’re going to see more dedicated strength work and James has designed a beauty Squat-focused strength cycle too. We’ll plan on getting strong until about January/Early February, then layer in a 6 week cycle of “Open” Prep. We got your backs!

Stay strong, Friends!
Adam & The CrossFit Sudbury Team