CrossFit Sudbury – Training – 08072015

Hey Folks!

Lots of fun stuff coming down the pipe.  Unofficial AM vs. NOON vs. PM class throw down coming up soon – We’ll have to set a date and plan for something fun! 🙂

Also CF 24 – a fundraiser where, in teams, we’ll complete 24 WODs in 24 hours in support of the Special olympics.  That one is in October, but more details will be coming up soon!

Let your coaches know what you think and how badly you want to complete that many WODs in that amount of time haha.


Best Warm Up Ever
2 Rounds:
10 Ring rows
10 Pull aparts
5×2 seconds superman
10 push up plus
10 goblet squats with 2 second pause in the bottom


Sled Drag Intervals
3x sled pull (forwards) 100m
(45/25# on sled)
Rest as need to keep intensity high


Push Press/Slam Ball WOD
7 Rounds for time:
3 Push Press (must clean the bar from the floor first) @60-70% of your Clean & Jerk
10 Slam Balls


Mobility – For Real
Foam Roll – T-spine, IT bands
Stretch – Shoulders (band on elbow), Pecs, Quads (standing heel to butt stretch)
See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team