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Athlete Development – Training Cycle 2 – Getting “Field Strong”

Hey Athletes!

The next 6 weeks are going to involve a bit more running, carrying, and general “work” in an endeavor to build up our engines, our mental toughness, and to make us look sexy for May long weekend.

The first couple weeks are going to involve our “Tests”, which this time will be the Powerlifting Total and the Lumberjack 20. I’m not expecting a big increase in peoples Powerlifting Total, but once again, hopefully feeling a little more confidence hitting higher percentages of our maxes and to use THESE maxes for the percentages for the rest of the 6 weeks. The Lumberjack 20 is where we’ll be looking for greater improvements after our 6 weeks. Faster and more efficient running, as well as faster/bigger sets on the multiple sets of 20 in the WOD will help us gauge our improvements in power and our “engine”/mental toughness.

The Second couple weeks will be where we’re grinding through higher rep ranges and slowly increasing weights. We’ll be working on “feeling the burn” and building strength and lean mass. We’ll also be attacking your mental strength and willingness to push through discomfort and do mindless “work”.

The last couple weeks will continue to develop your “engine” and hopefully show off how doing “work” will help to transfer over into movements that might require more finesse than the ones we’ll be doing. We’ll also retest the Lumberjack 20 and our Powerlifting Total. Should be fun!

Let me know what you think in the comments/via email/in person!

See you in the gym!

p.s. “Field Strong” as a saying belongs to John Welbourn at Power Athlete.  It’s a good idea we spoke about at the CrossFit Football cert, and I’m using some of the concepts in this program! 🙂