CrossFit Sudbury – Training – 10042015

Hey Folks!

Killer finale!  Holy crap that was a tough one.  I almost had the volume amounts proper, but it ultimately ended up being a rowing WOD.  Yellow team CRUSHED it, beating the rest of us by over 2 minutes.  It was really fun and a great atmosphere in the gym.

Now we’re going to be on full throttle with Battle Beyond the Barbell stuff.  Keep your eyes peeled – although there isn’t THAT much you’re going to find out, other than sponsors, scheduling, etc.


Clean Warm up
2 Rounds:
10 dislocates + weighted dislocates
10 hops + 10 Tuck jumps
10 russian KB swings (snappy hips!)


Health – Press & Pull ups
Press 2×5

Pull ups 6×1*

*6 sets of 1, use as little bands as possible and perform them as strict as possible. Keep rest the same – the EMOM timer works well for it.


Clean & Jerk EMOM-3
Warm up to and then hit 3 reps every minute at the heaviest and same weight across all 3 reps.


For time complete the following:
1000m Row
50 Squats
40 Sit ups
30 Push ups
20 Pull ups


Squat GPP cool down
Foam Roll – Calves, Quads, Adductors, T-Spine
Stretch – Pecs, calves, Quads
See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team