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Training Cycle 1 – 6 weeks – Mobility, Stability, Consistency

Hey Athletes (whoa… did he just NOT say “Folks”?)!

So, this post is going to go over the next 6 weeks of programming (well 5 weeks, since we’re already into week 1). The goal for the next 6 weeks is improving mobility, stability and consistency for our Oly lifts. We’re going to use the 3 Minute EMOM of each lift as our measure of improvement. Being able to hit closer to a 1RM for a rep every minute, with less hesitation of worry, means you’re 1RM is likely going to increase soon and you’re feeling more stable and more confident with your lifting. This usually means you’ve got less variation in your technique from lift to lift and you’re getting comfortable hitting the positions you need to be hitting. Bang Pow!

The first couple weeks are going to have a subtle focus on mobility and getting comfortable in uncomfortable places. You’ve already seen the pause Front Squats, and some overhead squatting under duress and there’s more fun stuff to come. The second 2 weeks are going to be continuing the work on stability (especially through the shoulders) and working through sticking points (i.e. when you’re halfway up on a squat and feel like you get “stuck”, or pulling a deadlift and you can’t seem to make it around your knees). The final 2 weeks We’re going to look at building more explosive power as well as “staying strength” through certain positions. We’ll retest those 3 Minute EMOMs and you’ll hopefully feel more comfortable hitting higher percentages of your Oly lifts!

These 6 weeks will also be taking us through the open – and as such I’ll be trying my best not to program WODs that leave you feeling “wrecked” or overly sore. Fridays will be especially programmed for mobility and things that hopefully won’t make people too sore, though for those planning to do the Open WOD on Saturday, I’d suggest taking the day off, or spending it on purely mobility and some light movement (which can be accomplished through giving the workout a 60% effort – hit good positions, up your heart rate a bit, but stay relaxed).

Let me know what you think and how you’re enjoying it in our comments, on facebook or you can tell me in person!


Stay Healthy and Have fun, Friends!