CrossFIt Sudbury – Training – 03032015

Hey Folks!

The first week of the open is IN the books!  You guys are amazing!  There were Clean PRs, Jerk PRs, awesomeness PRs and everyone left with a smile (and maybe some torn calluses – ouch!)

4 more weeks to go!  Hopefully the rest of it is JUST as fun and we continue to crush extreme!

Reminder – Kristins Performance Enhancement isn’t tomorrow night, it’s wednesday night! 🙂

Warm up

Clean Warm up
2 Rounds:
10 dislocates + weighted dislocates
10 hops + 10 Tuck jumps
10 russian KB swings (snappy hips!)


Strength – Bench Press & Batwing – 2×5
Bench Press 2×5

Batwings 2×15 seconds

*Try to increase the weight of your 2×5 for bench press each week if you can – so long as you feel good about it – if you’ve had a bad week and feel weak, then stay at the same weight or even drop down a bit for that session.

**Batwings, pull those kettlebells up to your armpits! squeeze the shoulder blades together and do it like you mean it! 2 sets of 15 seconds 🙂


Pause Front Squat E2MOM
Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes perform:
3 Front Squats with a pause in the bottom (hold 2 real seconds in the bottom)


Spread it on!
4 Minute AMRAP:
4 Kettlebell swings (overhead – TIGHT ABS!) 70/50
4 Burpees

– Rest 2 Minutes

4 Minute AMRAP:
4 Goblet Squats 70/50
4 Toes to bar

*Scale weight and skills as needed (i.e. Russian versus overhead swings, reverse sit ups versus toes to bar)

Cool Down

Hinge-centric Cool Down
Foam Roll – Hamstrings, Calves, T-Spine, Glutes
Stretch – Hamstrings, Calves, Pecs, Forearms