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CFSuds Open Intramurals 2015!

Hey Folks!

So, Open season begins and we’ve got a bigger region, smaller chances of qualifying, and scaled and “rx” divisions from CrossFit’s side of things.  Since we believe CrossFit isn’t about the 1% (or less) of people who might qualify for regionals, and more about having fun, getting fit and pushing outside your comfort zone to be a better person – We’re organizing the Open how we see fit 🙂

We’re going to host an intramural competition again for those wanting to participate in the open WODs, but care more about having fun and challenging themselves than they do seeing how their score compares to Fronings (though you can definitely do both). This year the open has their “Rx” division (required to make it to regionals), as well as a scaled division (to help those not super keen on doing stuff like muscle ups, or 50+ toes to bar). 

Our intramurals will use the Open WODs as prescribed by CrossFit, with appropriate scaling as needed to give each athlete an equal challenge, and equal opportunity to reveal their best potential!  You don’t need to sign up for CrossFit’s open to be a part of ours, so if you care less about challenging Camille, and more about challenging your abilities and having fun with your fellow CFSuds athletes!

How this will work:

For those wanting to sign up for intramurals…you will have until Friday February 13th to sign up at the gym (a sign up sheet will be on the whiteboard).  You will put your name AND preferred t-shirt size down (they’ll be the typical, soft, awesome CFSuds style shirts – fit&feel-wise). Once everyone is signed up, teams will be formed. We will be using the Open workouts like last year for competition sake. For those competing in the Open, you will have to complete your workouts according to the Open workout standards, for those participating in intramurals, you will do the same workout modified to provide the best possible workout as needed/if needed for you to glean the most benefit/fun from it!

Cost:  We need everyone signed up by the 13th (next friday) – As we’ll be ordering shirts for everyone.  The cost per person will be $25 (the cost of getting a sweet CFSuds shirt!), which will include your shirt, and any additional profit will go towards prizes for the winners!

We like to highlight the best part of our gym, our community (you guys!) and what better way than a little in-house competition amongst each other. A bit of friendly competition will help push us to work hard during our workouts, but with the motivation and support of our fellow teammates. If you’re signed up for the CrossFit Open we’ll ensure you’re officially judged to verify your scores; For everyone else, you’ll still be judged (if you’d like), have the same amount of fun, cheer on some friends, make new friends and compete for some prizes!  

We want this to be fun for everyone! So if you have any questions or concerns ask one of the coaches… Otherwise, sign up on the whiteboard in the gym! 🙂   If you’re signing up for the CrossFit Open, head over to games.crossfit.com to sign up!

The Details so far:

Intramural teams (teams of 5 or 6, depending on final gym roster): Teams will have a team name (starting with a colour) and an evenly skilled and number of people.

The Open Workouts:

Starting February 26th, 1 Open workout will be released per week for 5 weeks. The workouts will be released at 8pm EST on Thursdays and we have until Monday at 8pm EST to have our scores submitted either at the gym for Intramurals or online at games.crossfit.com (if you’re competing). We will have our bonus workout/challenge thrown into the mix some time during the Open, so keep your eyes peeled for those details. Our workouts will take place on Saturdays during open gym times, but if for whatever reason you can’t make a Saturday, then work it out so you can have your workout judged by one of the coaches during another time. Make sure your team knows as well.


We will have some prizes for the top team, but that will remain a secret for now! We want everyone to have fun with this, but want to push you to work hard with a little bonus incentive. So work hard, have fun, high five your friends and win!

Points: (Subject to change if we find a better way 🙂 also may vary week to week)

+1 Point: Attendance:  Every team member that completes the open workout and submits their score will earn 1 point.

+1 Point: Top 3: Every male and female member who places among the top 3 for each workout will earn 1 point.

+2 Points: Weekly Challenge: If each team member completes the weekly challenge posted to the whiteboard then the team will earn 2 points.

+3 Points: Team Spirit: The team with the best team spirit and presence each week will earn 3 points.

+5 Points: Bonus Workout/Challenge: The winning team of this workout/challenge will earn 5 points

So let’s get our fitness on and have some fun together! Remember, at the end of the day we’re here to workout and better ourselves mentally and physically, but it will also be fun to compete and push ourselves! So sign up for Intramurals, the CrossFit Open, or both and we’ll have some fun!

Once the teams are put together, talk, message, email, Facebook, tweet, instagram, call, leave messages at the gym etc. for your teammates to help plan things like: team name, a team chant, competition times and so on, so you’re all on the same page! The teams will be posted in the gym as soon as we know everyone who is signed up!

You guys are the best!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team

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