To a Great 2015!

Hey Folks!

So we’re charging into another great year.  It’s hard to believe I’ve been practicing over 4 years and getting people fit for about 3 and a half.  I’ve learned lots and have plans to learn even more in the near (and distant) future.

Image from Decree on DeviantArt

Image from Decree on DeviantArt

Our Clinic has added two new practitioners in Crystal, our Registered Massage Therapist, and Kristin, our Registered Physiotherapist.  I completed McMasters Medical Acupuncture Program and will be offering acupuncture in the new year.  Kristin and I both learned how to perform the Selective Functional Movement Assessment and have been using it over the last few months to provide better outcomes to our patients.

The gym has continued to grow, and sees new Coaches being groomed over the coming months and years.  Our Varsity program is building some great athletes (and people) out of several 12-18 year olds and looks to be a very promising part of the gym for 2015.  The Weightlifting club is developing a lot more peoples skills with the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk (some of the more technical lifts we use) and PRs (Personal Records) show it!

Getting started with our gym has been refined and now involves being paired with one of our expert coaches to build a relationship to last years.  Just as a hockey player or guitarist would seek out coaching to improve, so do our members now!  The level of skill and proficiency on display in the gym over the last 6-8 months has seen marked improvement.  We’re super proud of all of our members and look forward to introducing and helping numerous others get fit in the new year!


You won’t see any shiny, empty promises coming from us, or cut-rate deals.  We will continue to deliver value to our members and look to improve our businesses more and more every day.  Keep an eye out for workshops, educational seminars, social gatherings, charity events, and much more!

We’re so much more than a clinic; so much more than a gym – We’re a community of people who have no interest in being mediocre, “ok”, or simply wanting to avoid decrepitude.  We are a community of people who want to be healthy, vibrant, strong, fast, flexible, and powerful.  We want to develop improved levels of knowledge, skill, balance and coordination.  Above all, we will love ourselves and endeavour to be a great example, leaving the people, places and world we interact with better than we found it.

Thank you to Everyone that has helped to build our community – We look forward to 2015 with even more fiery ambition and motivation than in years past.


With love & respect,

The Real Life Health & CrossFit Sudbury Teams