Monday, March 10th, 2014

Hey Folks!

Great work this weekend!  14.2 was a great time at the gym, and while many people have been frustrated with the appearance of so many technical or difficult movements so far, there HAVE been some pretty awesome feats done in the gym this week.  Many people, concerned with the chest to bar pull-ups, completed 10 unbroken overhead squats at a weight they might not try during a typical WOD during the week.  A special shout out goes to Kathy, who PR’d her Clean and Jerk, and then PR’d her Overhead squat for 3 or 5 reps!  Ali and Craig are both people I personally watched get more chest to bar pull-ups than they expected… So while out scores might not be at (or near) the top of the leaderboard, or resolve is and we’re going to keep crushing extreme, regardless of what the WOD says 🙂

Warm up

2 Rounds –


Back Squat 6×1  *Work up to a heavy single or test for your max! 🙂

Kettlebell swings 2×15

For time:
60 Burpees*
*EMOM 3 Front Squat


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Back Squat 5×5 70%

For Time:
100 burpees*
*EMOM 3 Thrusters 65/45
**15 Minute time cap 🙂
********Remember our rules on dropping barbells without bumpers… Don’t do it, or your burpees will double 😉