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Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Hey Folks!


Squat PRs all over the place today! Tied PRs, 10 pound PRs it’s awesome. You guys rule.

So is anyone still interested in the wasaga beach competition? There is also the competition in the sault September 8th weekend (tentative) and I’d really like pretty much everyone to go! We can all compete to some degree. It’s super inclusive and a very friend

Drew and I are also rolling out a program for high school and college athletes for the summer – so if you know anyone that might be interested… Info and a link will be going up soon!

Warm up

3 sets:
3 Power Snatch
Sprint 30 m @ 95%
rest walk 3 min
3 sets:
1 heavy hang power clean
6 burpees
rest walk 3 min
3 sets:
Lunges 1 min
rest 2 min

Stretch – quads and pecs

See you in the gym!