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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Hey Folks!


Busy day today – that’s good news! Love seeing the place full of moving bodies… you guys make my day one class at a time. Great work on a very difficult workout today!

I want you guys to let me know if you have a problem that needs addressing (grip problems, shoulder pain, hip or knee limitations, numbness or tingling, etc.) let me know ahead of time. I’m a Doctor. I see this stuff every day, so please don’t feel bad about telling me about something that I could potentially be helping you with as opposed to letting you (and encouraging you) to aggravate even more with movements you could be avoiding for a week or two while you heal up.

Stretch. It helps you to not get injured. Ask me about what your tissue limitations are… I might have an idea and be able to help you.

Now then… It’s OnRamp time! Super excited to see some of you again, and others for the first time… You’re going to love it here. As you might guess… I’m a little concerned about the complete health of my members. Sorry, it comes with the territory of being a health care practitioner as well as a gym owner.

The WOD will vary as people are at different levels with the OnRamp… but you can rest assured knowing it will be a good one.

Looking forward to meeting you/seeing you again!