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Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Hey Folks!

Tomorrow’s workout!



Pendlay Rows


For time:
Ring rows, Box jumps, Burpees


Stretch – shoulder flexion, Hip flexion+external rotation (gluts/piriformis)
Nutrition – It’s winter, the perfect time to lose weight. We are designed to eat a protein and fat diet during the darker months. More light, means more plants bearing fruit, means more carbohydrates. Less light means less plants and a greater need to rely on animal sources of food. We don’t need to go back to being “cave people”, we just need to think about how we’ve evolved and what type of environment our bodies were exposed to, and which kind they’ll thrive in.

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  1. mandie says:

    OU!! This workout was fun 🙂 I would normally say minus the Burpees BUT they were actually alright during this workout! Let’s hope she doesn’t take a look at the blog first thing in the morning lol Won’t be a good start to her day seeing that she has to do Burpees after a looongg day at work ( her favourite? lol) x0x have fun mom!

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