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Hey Folks!

So we’re making progress with the garage!  It may not look unbelievable just yet, but the floor is going to be laid out tonight (mostly… cuts and platforms still need to be made) and painting and equipment will be moved over soon and a heat source decided on.  It sounds like the Rogue order won’t be coming in until early next week, but we can make due with the equipment I already have until then… pull ups will just have to wait.

Stay tuned folks!  And if you’re feeling saucy and want to help out this weekend, give me a call (705) 521-4seven90 (I don’t know if computer spam thingies will pick up my phone number… I don’t want them to – hence the written “seven” in there) or send me a text before you come as I’ll be in and out all weekend.

And let’s all take a few moments today to remember how blessed we are to have dirty garages, and great workout spaces to worry about… we should be eternally grateful and live in a way that honours those who made great sacrifices in the name of hope.