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Time to Sign up for some classes folks!

Hey Folks!


So, I was hoping to have the gym open by the 7th, and that may be possible, but I’m going to wait to open it all up until the 14th.  My reason:  I don’t want to deliver anything less than amazing to the people coming to train at CrossFit Sudbury.  As impatient as I’ve been, and as badly as I want to get this thing running and working at changing peoples’ lives, I want to do it well, and I want to do it properly – so, we wait an extra week.  Sorry folks.  The gym SHOULD look stunning by that date though, which I’m very excited about.

Now then… How’s everything going to work?  There are going to be two options for folks…


CrossFit Sudbury’s OnRamp:

  • This is a series of 8 classes that are centred around being introduced to, and learning the movements that CrossFit likes to employ (and more specifically the movements that CrossFit Sudbury likes to employ)
  • These classes run Tuesdays and Thursdays for roughly 45 minutes and start at:
    • 6AM
    • 7AM
    • 12 (noon)
    • 6PM
    • 7PM
    • There is a 5 person cap on these classes as I want to ensure great coaching and proper form and biomechanics with the movements.
    • The cost is $130 (+HST) for the 8 classes
    • You can start at any time, but you must complete all 8 classes before you can move on to “regular” CrossFit Classes
    • These classes are suitable for everyone – from those new to the movements but otherwise athletic, to those who had never before considered themselves athletic or coordinated.


CrossFit Sudbury’s CrossFit Classes:

  • These run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and are open to those people who are familiar with the movements associated with CrossFit – this is a bit of a subjective assessment until I can see what you’re capable of and know, most people with some experience with CrossFit will be fine here.  If the need arises, people may be asked to attend an OnRamp to become better familiarized with the movements.
  • These classes run for roughly 45 minutes and start at:
    • 6AM
    • 7AM
    • 12 (noon)
    • 6PM
    • 7PM
    • These classes also are capped at 5 people for the time being
    • The cost is $150 per month (+HST)
    • These classes are suitable for every fitness level from elite athletes, to grandparents – the only requirement is that you know the movements


Open Gym:

  • This is 2 hours on each Saturday and Sunday (10-12)
  • This is open to everyone!  Bring a friend that’s interested!  OnRamp and Class attendees come meet each other!  Workout together!  Have some fun!
  • This is “free” gym time, in that both OnRamp and Class members can come in
  • New folks can come in for 2 workouts free of charge, past that they’ll be required to pay a drop in fee, buy a 10 pass or sign up for one of the monthly options (OnRamp, Classes)
  • This won’t be quite as formal and structured as the weekday classes – but will be coached and people will be run through the WOD on these days.  Skill and strength work will not be overly stressed on these days – they’re for coming out and enjoying a WOD  together!


Payment Options:

  • Currently the payment options are cash or cheque (made payable to “CrossFit Sudbury” please)
  • I’m working on getting us a machine that accepts credit and debit cards – until then, I’ll have to only accept the aforementioned cash and cheque


Click through to the schedule and sign up for the classes you’re interested in!  I look forward to helping you guys achieve your goals!